Vision & Mission

"We endeavor to be the leader in the development of industry oriented quality education and training and be the country's premier Institution ,Committed towards innovation, knowledge in computer education. We shall have passion for knowledge, teamwork and a caring attitude."

To live with the awareness that Humanity is one family

To have a holistic understanding of oneself, of our relationship with others and with nature.To implement ADSS vision, we created a community environment where education, the arts, well being and our relationship with nature hold an important place.

"To develop all round personality of the students by making them not only leaders excellent in various areas but also good individuals with best understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of understanding right and wrong and yearning for perfection and excellence"

ADSS seeks to promote a new educational system based on the principles of education through experience in keeping with human and ecological values.

Communicate a vision of humanity as one family.

Foster moral, social and aesthetic values through educational programs, artistic and leisure activities.

Establish local, regional, national and international prenatal and perinatal educational programs, birth and youth centers.

Initiate artistic, musical and cross cultural activities.

Develop a way of life that embraces the laws of nature and considers the earth as a living organism.

1) To promote educational, cultural and social development of the poor and weaker Section of the society.

2) To establish, conduct and manage, various facilities for vocational guidance centre and information centre.

3) To establish and manage fund for Scholarships to weaker and needy students prized/awards to meritorious students to ensure establishment of higher sense of competitiveness amongst the Students.

4) Conduct meetings, conferences, studies, surveys, etc., in connection with education in general.

5) To award scholarships, stipends awards medical aid and other concessions to pupils and deserving men and women who study in school conducted by society and also to provide books to deserved students and scholars.

6) To encourage men, women and children to be financially self sustainable by teaching them income generation skills.

7) To hold eyes camp, blood donation camp, and medical camp to provide medicines, ambulance facility and other medical help to the poor, needy and old persons.

8) To promote the health of suffering & needy persons by providing medical, surgical and other medical assistance including supply of medicines and other medical, surgical or remedial appliances.

9) To educate the community Social Responsibilities and impart the knowledge of various Social Services available so as to enable them to make use of the same.